A Guide To Choosing Your Chauffeur Vehicle

A closeup of a black car door with a tinted window. A white-gloved hand is holding onto the silver door handle. This is a chauffeur opening his vehicle door for a client.

A Guide To Choosing Your Chauffeur Vehicle

One of the most defining traits of a good chauffeur service is a big selection of vehicles for you to choose from. Chauffeurs allow you to personalize your transportation experience, so why wouldn’t that extend to vehicles? With such a daunting selection of vehicles to choose from, it may be tricky for you to narrow down the best one for your needs. Ideally, you’ll want to pick the vehicle that best compliments your experience. We give you a guide on how you can decide for sure below!


The first – and probably the most obvious – quality you should be looking for in a vehicle is whether or not it has the capacity to support your group. Make sure you get an accurate head count of how many people you’ll need chauffeured before you book, then research the fleet on their website. It should be pretty easy to narrow down which vehicles are the appropriate fit from there!

Where You’re Going

Believe it or not, the final destination of your travels should play a role in the type of vehicle you choose! This is less because of the driving power of these vehicles and more about the amenities that they have nestled inside. If you’re traveling to Cape Cod from Boston, for example, you may want a vehicle with a lot of legroom to minimize the stiffness. Some vehicles also have massaging seats for this purpose! If you’re just going to the airport or somewhere else close by, however, these luxuries may not be things you need. Take them into consideration with your destination!

Time of Day

Are you using chauffeur services for an overnight trip? You’ll probably want to sleep during the ride, right? This is why you should factor in time of day when choosing a luxury vehicle. If you want to sleep at night, you should consider choosing a vehicle that runs on electricity. These cars are a lot quieter than those that run on gas, making for a smoother riding experience. If you’re traveling during the day, this quality matters a lot less.

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