Benefits of Mercedes Sprinter Van Transportation

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Benefits of Mercedes Sprinter Van Transportation

When you decide to use chauffeur transportation services, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make before you drive is what vehicle you want to use from the fleet. If you’re using a luxury car service, the vehicles in the fleet should all have their own exclusive amenities. After all, a luxury car service should feel luxurious! At PJM Executive Car Service, one of our most popular vehicles is the Mercedes Sprinter Van. But, why is that? What separates the Mercedes Sprinter Van from the other vehicles in our fleet? Read on to discover the differences!

It Can Carry Large Groups

Sure, if you’re traveling in a group of three or four people, you can get away with choosing a minivan or other vehicle for your service. But, what if you have a group of eight people? What about a group of twelve? The Mercedes Sprinter Van has high capacity limits, as the vehicle can transport up to fourteen passengers at once! It’s a vehicle that is perfect for large groups of people regardless of where they need to go. You won’t need to worry about being cramped in this vehicle!

Goes Above and Beyond in Safety

You may not think of vans as the safest mode of transportation, but the Mercedes Sprinter Van goes above and beyond to break that stereotype. One of the biggest issues that comes up with vans of this size is potential blind spots. The Mercedes Sprinter Van is fitted with an optional blind side assist mode, which helps to alert the driver of vehicles in their blind spots. No longer will you need to hold your breath every time there’s a lane change! The Mercedes Sprinter Van is one of the safest van transportation options out there!

Unrivaled Comfort

If you’ve ever driven or rode in a van before, you could probably tell that comfort wasn’t the first thing on the designer’s mind. The Mercedes Sprinter Van flips that on its head, as it has the luxury and comfort of many high-class vehicles in a larger package. Unlike other vans, it was designed with comfort and quality in mind first. You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable when traveling in this van!

Mercedes Sprinter Van at PJM Executive Car Service

PJM Executive Car Service offers the Mercedes Sprinter Van as a part of our luxury fleet. Like the vehicle, your comfort and safety are our top priority. You’ll be treated like family from the moment you make a reservation. For master-class transportation to wherever you need to go, click here to reserve a vehicle!

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