Below you can see our selection of luxury vehicles that are at your disposal for our transportation services. Learn more about each one and contact us today to reserve one for your next trip! 

BMW Series 7 Sedan

Seats: Up To 2 Passengers

Our BMW 7 Series Sedan is the very definition of first class living. It offers heated seats and massaging seats as well as backseat entertainment to keep you occupied on the ride. Able to seat 2 passengers, this vehicle is the perfect choice for transportation for a night in the city, a romantic date in the North End, or even to a get-together with friends. This vehicle is designed to impress, and you’ll find that it is more than meets the eye!


Cadillac Escalade

Seats: Up To 6 Passengers

Take a ride with us in the most technologically advanced Escalade ever. It’s never been easier to listen to your favorite tunes on the road, as this vehicle boasts incredible surround sound that can travel throughout the entire vehicle. It’s also never been easier to carry a conversation on the road! The Cadillac Escalade can project voices from the front seat to the rest of the vehicle without compromising audio quality. If you and a group of friends are looking for a weekend getaway to Cape Cod, an exciting experience at the Encore casino, or a night out at one of the numerous bars in Fenway Park, the Cadillac Escalade is a premiere option to help you get there.

Cadillac XTS Sedan

Seats: Up To 3 Passengers

If you’re looking for a smooth and quiet ride with plenty of space to spread out, the Cadillac XTS Sedan is a fantastic option. It runs on electricity, ensuring that you won’t be disturbed by the sounds of the engine. It’s a perfect vehicle for nighttime transportation, for those nights where you want to drift off and wake up safely at your destination. The heated seats and luxury cushioned seating makes this vehicle ideal for relaxation on your travels.

Chevy Suburban

Seats: Up To 7 Passengers

The Chevy Suburban boasts more cabin space than many other vehicles, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of space for the passengers that want to come on the ride. It’s also a suitable choice for airport transportation to Logan Airport, as the increased cabin space can store all of your luggage and belongings. Whether you’re having a big gathering with friends, traveling out of state, or looking for a getaway to New York or Cape Cod, you’ll have all the space you need in this luxury vehicle.

Ford Transit Van

Seats: Up To 14 Passengers

If you have a large group of people with you for your transportation needs, the Ford Transit Van will be able to seat all of them easily. Vinyl seating and flooring set the stage for this luxury van, prioritizing comfort and space to give you the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible. The Ford Transit Van is perfect for transportation to games at TD Garden or Fenway Park, concerts at those very same venues, or even work outings and transportation to weddings! Big groups that yearn for the luxurious will find everything they’re looking for in this vehicle.

Mercedes S Class Sedan

Seats: Up To 3 Passengers

Smooth driving and top-notch entertainment are the name of the game in the Mercedes S Class Sedan! This vehicle is perfect for those that need to get to their destination in a pinch. Consider using this vehicle for transportation to work events, appointments, the airport or even the movie theater. It also boasts incredible surround sound, so you can feel the rhythm of the music as you travel.

A closeup image of the Mercedes Sprinter Van on a white background.

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Seats: Up To 14 Passengers

The Mercedes Sprinter Van is the pinnacle of safety, comfort and space for luxury vehicles. It’s a perfect luxury vehicle for transporting large groups of people wherever they need to go! It can provide companies with transportation to work dinners and corporate events, provide wedding guests with transportation to their venue, or even just bring a large group of friends to a country concert at Fenway Park! You’ll have plenty of entertainment options in the vehicle, so no matter how long your drive is you get the best possible experience.

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