Fun Boston Events To Chauffeur To This Spring

A close up view of the Charles River with part of the Boston skyline in the background. You can see a green duck boat cruising through the water.

Fun Boston Events To Chauffeur To This Spring

The moment that Bostonians have been waiting for since the beginning of 2022 has finally arrived; the end of winter is near! Now that temperatures are starting to trend upward, the book of things to do in Boston has significantly expanded. Sure, there are plenty of activities to do indoors in the city, but what about the things you can do outside? There are plenty of fun Boston events that you can use chauffeur services to get to this spring. We give you some fun ideas of what to do below!

Red Sox Opening Day

One of the most noteworthy things to do around the city is to attend a Red Sox game on a beautiful day at Fenway Park. That time is returning again, as later in April marks the opening day for the new MLB season. If you want to attend opening day, mark your calendars for April 18th. You can watch the Red Sox do their job in the home opener and get out of the stadium in time to cheer on the runners in the Boston Marathon. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

Go On The Boston Duck Tours

Want to get an exclusive look at the city from an amphibious vehicle? Boston Duck Tours can give you that perk! They take you on a tour of the city, making sure to hit every major landmark along their route. The real kicker of the trip is the vehicle will make a detour along the Charles River! You’ll be able to get a view of Boston that you’d never get otherwise, making this one of the most noteworthy outdoor attractions in the city.

Grab a Drink At Lookout Rooftop Bar

There’s no better way to celebrate the spring months than by celebrating at one of the best views of the city available. There are plenty of rooftop bars along Boston’s Seaport district, but the Lookout Rooftop Bar takes the cake. You’ll get a complete view of the Boston Seaport skyline with some fantastic drinks and the potential for live music to boot. Some of the drinks may be a bit pricey, but the view and the company will be well worth the admission!

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