Why Choose A Luxury Car Service Over Rideshare?

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Why Choose A Luxury Car Service Over Rideshare?

When it comes to deciding what route you want to take for transportation, there are a lot of important factors that you need to consider. You could choose to go the route of rideshare services, but did you know that a luxury car service is actually the better alternative. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more that a luxury car service can provide for you! We highlight the best benefits that going this route can bring you.

Huge Time Saver

Whether or not you get to your destination on time with a rideshare service depends on how many drivers are in your area. Even when there is a driver in your area, how many have them cancelled on you because they made a wrong turn? We’re willing to bet that it’s a fair few! When you utilize a luxury car service, you won’t have to wait around for a driver to pick you up. They’ll be right there when you need them! It can save you a lot of time and help you get to important events on time.


One thing that rideshares and luxury car services have in common is that they vet their drivers before allowing them to perform their duties. The main difference here is that luxury car services require much more extensive checks! Many luxury car services require more than the standard background checks; they also need advanced drivers training and a chauffeur license in order to drive. When you choose a luxury car service, you’re guaranteed to have the most professional, qualified drivers available.

Quality of Services

How many times have you had a nightmare driver on a rideshare service? Not every drive you take with them is going to have the 5 star treatment! Because of the extensive vetting process that luxury car services require, you’ll always get the 5 star service when you travel. Luxury, professionalism, and the highest quality service will always come with utilizing a luxury car service for your travel.

Obtain 5 Star Service With PJM Executive Car Service

PJM Executive Car Service promises the highest quality of service and professionalism in our luxury car services. We offer on-time airport shuttles, chauffeurs, luxury limousine services, wedding transportations and college tours as a part of our varied services. So whether you need to catch a flight at Logan Airport, looking to take tours of schools like Boston University and Harvard, or just need high quality transportation, we’ll be able to provide that for you. We’re proud to offer our services to Boston and Winthrop. To take advantage of our services, reserve a vehicle today or fill out a contact form to learn more. 

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